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    THE report of the Governing Body of the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, presented at the annual general meeting on June 2, gives an account of the researches carried out at the Institute during the past year. Several studies on viruses, vaccinia and others, are detailed, with an investigation on the problem of rheumatic diseases, in which virus-like bodies occur. Dr. Felix and others have continued their work on the antigenic constitution, virulence and immunizing properties of bacteria and Protozoa, and the chemistry of bacterial antigens has also been investigated. The Svedberg velocity ultracentrjfuge, installed some time ago, has given satisfactory service, and several proteins have been the subject of study with this instrument. Many studies on vitamins, their chemistry and action have been prosecuted by Dr. Harriette Chick and her co-workers. The Institute is the home of the National Collection of Type Cultures, and more than 6,000 cultures have been distributed to workers at home and abroad. Sir John Ledingham, the director, his staff and attached workers may be congratulated on their fine output of work.

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