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Scientific Publications in Japan


A THIRD edition of a “Catalogue of Foreign Scientific Serial Publications in the Various Institutions in Japan” has just been published by the National Research Council of the Department of Education, Tokyo. The general arrangement of the work is very similar to most Union catalogues, except that whilst other publications give the holdings of each institution and an abbreviation to denote if a set is imperfect, this volume gives full particulars of the actual parts, volumes or years lacking. This feature should be of considerable service to Japanese research workers by saving them fruitless journeys, particularly as the large number of imperfections listed suggests that the proportion of incomplete series is somewhat high. While the method of alphabetization adopted is strictly correct, it may prove in practice to be less convenient than the 'catchword' method used in the “World List”, as a research worker frequently depends upon short abbreviations, and is unacquainted with unimportant particles on which the alphabetical order depends. In addition, the adoption of a strict alphabetical sequence tends to separate periodicals dealing with the same subject, which a 'catchword' method tends to bring together. The volume is well printed in a clear type, and although the titles of the periodicals are all in languages foreign to the place of publication, the work is remarkably free from printer's errors. This catalogue affords evidence of Japanese enterprise in the field. of bibliography, and it is obvious that very considerable care has been taken in its compilation. It should be of much value to scientific workers resident in Japan.

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Scientific Publications in Japan. Nature 142, 1071–1072 (1938).

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