New Minor Planet close to the Earth


    HERR K. REINMUTH, Kónigstuhl, discovered an object, magnitude 10, on October 28, the position being R.A. lh 34·2m, N. Decl. 8 ° 6'. It was moving rapidly–an indication of proximity to the earth. Other observations were made, but as these extended only over three days, the orbit derived is very rough. It is moving at a small inclination to the ecliptic, probably not exceeding 6 °, and has a perihelion distance of about 0·6. The remarkable thing is the close approach to the earth at the end of October, namely, less than 700,000 miles. In Mon. Not. Roy. Astro. Soc., 92, 7 (May 1932), Dr. Davidson gave a description of Minor Planet 1932 HA, which came to 6 ½ million miles from the earth, and predicted the discovery of other similar objects. Since then Adonis was discovered in 1936 and made an approach to the earth of 1 1 3 million miles. The recent planet, 1937 UB, has made the closest approach of any, but it is quite possible that others may be discovered nearer still. These small objects present certain very interesting features in connexion with the evolutionary history of our solar system.

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