Electron Diffraction in Crystals


    DR. P. P. EWALD, writing from the Crystallo-graphic Laboratory, Cambridge, with reference to the note on the Nobel Prize award to Dr. C. J. Davisson and Prof. G. P. Thomson for work on this subject (NATURE, Nov. 20, p. 882), points out that W. Elsasser predicted the effect in 1925. Elsasser's work is mentioned early in a paper by Prof. G. I. Finch and H. Wilman entitled "Study of the Surface Structure by Electron Diffraction" published in Ergebnisse der Exakten Naturwissenschaften, 16, 353–436 (1937), to which reference can be made for a review of the subject. In the course of two paragraphs dealing mainly with the work of Dr. Davisson and Prof. Thomson, it was neither possible nor desirable to attempt to survey the whole field of electron diffraction.

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