Jews in Poland


    THE Warsaw correspondent of The Times wrote on October 6 describing a system whereby Jewish students are being divided from 'Aryan' students in the lecture rooms of the Warsaw Polytechnic. Part of the benches have been marked for students belonging to a union almost exclusively controlled by 'Aryans', and others for the Jewish students' union, while a few seats for non-union students are left unmarked. The University of Warsaw has its seats numbered, and students sit according to the numbers on their identity cards. All 'Aryan' students, who have even numbers, occupy one half of the room. Unlike the Polytechnic, the University has no unmarked seats. It is stated that other educational establishments in Poland will probably follow suit. In the issue of The Times of November 18, appears a letter signed by Prof. George Barger, Mr. G. D. H. Cole, Mr. T. Edmund Harvey, Dr. Julian Huxley, Prof. Norman Kemp Smith and Prof. J. B. Trend, referring to the apparent surrendering of the authorities of the high schools and universities to the agitation of anti-Semitic students. They state that the Minister of Education, a year ago, gave an assurance that separate benches would never be introduced in the universities. They ask, "Will it enhance the good name or the welfare of the Polish republic if such a spirit of intolerance is officially allowed and deliberately fostered in the very institutions in which are trained our future legislators and administrators?"

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