Zoological Expedition to the Oasis of Siwa, Egyptian Libya


THE Armstrong College Expedition to Siwa, consisting of Dr. Malcolm Cameron, Mr. C. L. Smith and myself was financed by the Royal Society, the Godman Exploration Fund, the Percy Sladen Trust, the British Museum (Natural History) and the Armstrong College Research Fund. Its object was the study of a typical Libyan oasis. We left England in March and returned in October 1935, after spending six months in the Libyan Desert and achieving all our objectives. Transfer from the staff of the Department of Zoology, Armstrong College, New-castle-on-Tyne, to Grahamstown, South Africa, has been the principal cause of delay in presenting a preliminary report of the Expedition's results.

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Omer-Cooper, J. Zoological Expedition to the Oasis of Siwa, Egyptian Libya. Nature 140, 919–920 (1937). https://doi.org/10.1038/140919a0

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