Materialprüfung mit Röntgenstrahlen


    SINCE the appearance of the first edition of this well-known work in 1927, the use of X-rays in the examination of materials has been greatly extended. The new edition is similar to the old in general arrangement, and any considerable increase in size has been avoided by careful revision of each section. The description of X-ray outfits (of German manufacture), now includes a full account of portable apparatus for the detection of flaws in built-up structures as well as the laboratory types, and the methods used in the examination of castings, forgings and welds are described. The discussion of determination of crystal structures, which occupies the greater part of the book, is both clear and informative. Tables of important structures are given, including a survey of the principal alloy systems, and such subjects as deformation textures and the determination of internal stress are treated in detail, although British work in this field has been overlooked. The section on transformations in the solid state also suffers through being too closely confined to German investigations, but the general presentation is fair, and the book can be recommended as a sound guide to a very important method of experiment. The mathematical treatment is simple and straightforward, and references to the more important papers under each head are collected in the bibliography.

    Materialprüfung mit Röntgenstrahlen:

    unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Röntgen-metallkunde. Von Prof. Dr. Richard Glocker. Zweite umgearbeitete Auflage. Pp. v+386. (Berlin: Julius Springer, 1936.) 33 gold marks.

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