Liver Extract and Hæmoglobin in Rats


RECENTLY Tschesche and Wolf1 have stated that rats, made anæmic on a diet consisting wholly of milk, respond differently to iron and copper and to liver extracts known to be clinically active in the treatment of pernicious anæmia. According to these authors, erythrocyte and leucocyte counts and hæmoglobin are all increased by the metals, while cell counts but not hæmoglobin are increased by the liver extract.


  1. 1

    Tschesche, R., and Wolf, H. J., Z. physiol Chem., 248, 21 (1937).

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BACHARACH, A., GLYNN, H. Liver Extract and Hæmoglobin in Rats. Nature 140, 896 (1937).

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