Physical Fitness of University Students


    THE University authorities at Leeds have introduced a scheme of medical examination and advice which should be of considerable assistance to students in the maintenance of their health while they are at the University. The scheme is on an entirely voluntary basis, but there is reason to think that it will be used extensively. A certain number of medical practitioners, resident in different parts of Leeds, are co-operating with the University for this purpose. A student who registers under the scheme (paying a nominal fee of half a crown) is entitled to go to one of these doctors, at his own choice, for examination and advice. The scheme is not intended to provide medical treatment for students, but rather to help them to avoid the necessity for treatment. In the past, members of the staff have always been ready to advise and help students when any questions have arisen in regard to their health ; the new scheme, however, by providing a simple form of machinery, will encourage students, whatever their present condition of health, to satisfy themselves of their physical fitness or be advised in good time of the measures they should take to become fit. Consideration is also being given by the authorities to the possibility of extending the facilities for physical training at the University. The students are naturally watching with keen interest these developments, which are taking place in consultation with the Union Committee.

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