Society of Glass Technology: Twenty-first Anniversary


    THE Society of Glass Technology began a two days anniversary meeting on November 9 to celebrate its Coming of Age. The proceedings opened with a luncheon that was attended by the vice-chancellor of the University of Sheffield and Mrs. Pickard-Cambridge, Mrs. F. Wood, Lord Cozens-Hardy, Mr. Geoffrey Pilkington, Mr. W. L. Chance and many other prominent glass manufacturers. In addition, the Society had as its guests four foreign delegates from the Continent, namely, Prof. A. J. de Artigas (Spain), Prof. G. Keppeler (Germany), Dr. B. Long (France), and Dr. H. Maurach (Germany). Of the eighteen original members who still retain their connexion with the Society, thirteen attended. The toast of the Society was proposed by Dr. A. W. Pickard-Cambridge, who spoke of the good effect of such scientific societies internationally and said he looked forward to a time when the University could do more towards developing the artistic side. He concluded by thanking the Society for its generosity in promising to contribute £2,500 towards the Elmfield Fund. The toast was supported by Prof. Keppeler (representing the Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft) and Mr. S. B. Bagley, president of the Glass Manufacturers Federation.

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