Geological Society: Foreign Fellows and Correspondents


    AT its meeting on November 3, the Geological Society of London elected as Foreign Fellows, Dr. W. A. J. M. van Waterschoot van der Gracht, Dr. W. J. Jongmans, Dr. A. Renier, and Dr. F. E. Wright, and as Foreign Correspondents, Prof. N. L. Bowen, Prof. R. M. Field, Baron F. von Huene, and Prof. H. Stille. Dr. W. A. J. M. van Waterschoot van der Gracht, of Heerlen, has made important contributions to our knowledge of the underground geology of the Netherlands, and has also published papers on economic geology, including coal and petroleum. More recently he has devoted attention to tectonic geology with special reference to North America. His review of the theory of continental drift formed the introduction to a symposium on that subject which was published by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. He was director of the Rijksopsporing van Delfstoffen until 1917, and has been a Fellow of the Geological Society of London since 1898. Dr. W. J. Jongmans, director of the Geological Bureau of the Netherlands at Heerlen, has added much to the knowledge of Carboniferous stratigraphy. His publications on. Carboniferous plants are well known, particularly those dealing with the genus Catamites. He is editor of the botanical section of Fossilium Catalogus, and was responsible for the volumes in that series dealing with the Equisetales and Lycopodiales. Dr. A. Renier, director of the Geological Survey of Belgium, has also made numerous contributions to the stratigraphy and palæontology of the Carboniferous rocks, particularly of Belgium. His published works deal with, among other subjects, fossil plants, coal resources and tectonics. Dr. F. E. Wright of the Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution, Washington, has investigated the optical properties of minerals, including variations due to changes of temperature. He has also written on the petrological microscope and the surface features of the moon.

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