Prof. Frank Morley


FRANK MORLEY, professor emeritus of mathematics at Johns Hopkins University, died at Baltimore on October 17. He was born in 1860 at Woodbridge in Suffolk, and was educated at Wood-bridge School until he went into residence at Cambridge in 1879, having won an open scholarship at King's College. His university career was sorely hampered by illness. He did not graduate until 1884, a year later than the normal date, eighth in the list when G. B. Mathews was senior wrangler and A. N. Whitehead fifth. Ill-health beyond all doubt had prevented him from doing himself justice, but the disappointment was keen. In middle life he was loth to speak of his student days, yet the friendships then formed with Lowes Dickinson and others were lasting. It is saddening to contrast the conditions of sixty years ago with the encouragement and the opportunities that are offered to a clever boy to-day.

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