THIS interesting work fills a gap in æsthetic theory, in so far as the discussion of the subject is developed by a practitioner from fact to principle. Many problems of mechanical, of psychological and of philosophical interest are involved in what seems to be the simple art of design. Illuminating suggestions are offered by the author for the solution of such problems, though he is careful not to commit himself to any particular school of thought. Gestures which seem to be innate for the artist, such as the use of-scale and proportion, the materialization of ornament, the appreciation of colour and the realization of form, involve a series of elements which the author brings out and discusses with clarity and conviction.


a Treatise on the Discovery of Form. By Percy E. Nobbs. Pp. ix + 412. (Londonz: Oxford University Press, 1937.) 30s. net.

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G., T. Design. Nature 140, 873 (1937).

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