Zero to Eighty


    IT may not be generally known that there is a British Interplanetary Society and an American Rocket Society, the members of which are heralding the dawn of interplanetary travel. In his volume "Rockets through Space", published last year, Mr. P. E. Cleator, president of the former, has given an account of the unsuccessful attempts which have been made to make a rocket leave the earth and visit other planets. Dr. E. F. Northrup, in "Zero to Eighty", is very much more likely to convince us that such methods will ever succeed, for he is at great pains to give us scientific chapter and verse for every event in his imaginary journey around the moon and back.

    Zero to Eighty:

    being my Lifetime Doings, Reflections and Inventions, also my Journey around the Moon. By Akkad Pseudoman (Dr. E. F. Northrup). Pp. xii + 283 + 15 plates. (Princeton, N. J.: Scientific Publishing Co., 1937.) 3 dollars.

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