Gift to the Royal Cancer Hospital


    MR. A. CHESTER BEATTY, who has recently been elected vice-president and a member of the committee of the Royal Cancer Hospital, has purchased the Freemasons' Hospital, Fulham Road, with the intention of presenting the building for conversion into the Research Institute of the Hospital, and Mr. Chester Beatty is equipping the building for this purpose in addition to presenting it to the Hospital. It is well known that the Royal Cancer Hospital has maintained a research institute for many years under the direction of Prof. E. L. Kennaway. Mr. Chester Beatty is also generously entirely re-equipping the Radio-therapeutic Department of the Royal Cancer Hospital, at a cost of some £13,000, with the latest modern high-voltage X-ray therapy apparatus embodying many new features which will prove of inestimable value, not only in the treatment of cancer but also in affording full and adequate protection to both patients and operators during the carrying out of the treatment. The Royal Cancer Hospital is a school of the University of London and, in order to encourage the study of radiology, Mr. Chester Beatty has provided a travelling scholarship which has been accepted by the senate of the University of London. The scholarship will enable a student of radiology, after obtaining the academic diplomas in medical radiology, to spend a year in one of the great radiological clinics of the United States of America.

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