Royal Society Medallists and Officers


    HIS MAJESTY THE KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following recommendations made by the council of the Royal Society for the award of the two Royal Medals for the current year: Prof. N. V. Sidgwick, in recognition of his distinguished, stimulating and continuous work on valency and on molecular structure ; Prof. A. H. R. Buller, in recognition of his researches on the general biology and sexuality of the Fungi. The following awards have been made by the president and council of the Royal Society: Copley Medal to Sir Henry Dale, in recognition of his important contributions to pharmacology, particularly to the pharmacology of muscle and of neuro-muscular transmission ; Davy Medal to Prof. Hans Fischer, in recognition of his work on the chemistry of the porphyrins, particularly his determination of their detailed structure by degradation and his syntheses of porphyrins of biological importance ; Buchanan Medal to General F. F. Russell, in recognition of his work in relation to public health problems in many parts of the world on behalf of the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation ; Sylvester Medal to Prof. A. E. H. Love, in recognition of his researches in classical mathematical physics, particularly the mathematical theories of elasticity and hydrodynamics ; Hughes Medal to Prof. Ernest O. Lawrence in recognition of his work on the development of the cyclotron and its application to investigations of nuclear disintegration. The following is a list of those recommended by the president and council for election to the council of the Royal Society at the anniversary meeting on November 30: President, Sir William Bragg ; Treasurer, Sir Henry Lyons ; Secretaries, Sir Frank Smith and Prof. A. V. Hill ; Foreign Secretary, Sir Albert Seward ; Other Members of Council, Prof. R. Whytlaw-Gray, Prof. G. P. Thomson, Prof. J. Proudman, Prof. D. M. S. Watson, Dr. F. L. Pyman, Prof. E. J. Salisbury, Prof. S. P. Bedson, Prof. M. Greenwood, Prof. J. Mellanby, Sir Thomas Holland, Dr. G. T. Bennett, Prof. J. Chadwick, Prof. D. Keilin, Prof. J. Graham Kerr, Sir Robert Pickard, Mr. H. R. Ricardo.

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