Volumetric Analysis


THIS useful text-book is meant primarily to cover the course of volumetric analysis necessary for the various school and university examinations. It deals especially with the growing tendency on the part of examiners to set questions dealing with the application of titrimetric methods to the solution of practical chemical problems. While this does not convert the work into a treatise suitable for the industrial chemist, it certainly covers a surprisingly large field and will be found of value not only to students but also to many others who make use of such methods of analysis. The subject-matter is quite up to date, and contains sections dealing with the use of cerie sulphate, titanous sulphate and chloride, potassium bromate with special reference to the evaluation of 8-hydroxyquinoline in metal complexes by means of bromate-bromide mixture and, in addition, there are given numerous interesting precipitation methods.

Volumetric Analysis

By A. J. Mee. Pp. vii + 223. (London: William Heinemann, Ltd., 1937.) 7s. 6d.


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