Field Tests for Minerals


IN spite of the existence of other books of this type, designed as ready aids to mineral determination by relatively simple methods, Mr. Davison may be congratulated on producing a comprehensive summary of field tests in a form convenient for the traveller whether in settled or unsettled lands, at a relatively low price. The book, as it should be, is practical, and includes tests for all the minerals the student or prospector is likely to find. There is little room for criticism, but it might perhaps be possible to include in future editions black-and-white sketches of the results of microchemical tests, such as the "colourless highly refracting plates" characteristic of antimony ; to many such would be more useful than some of the illustrations given of hand specimens. For one who has to 'travel light' in places where even the simplest apparatus or common reagents are unobtainable, a list of indispensable articles might save both time and inconvenience.

Field Tests for Minerals

By E. H. Davison. Pp. viii + 60 + 12 plates. (London: Chapman and Hall, Ltd., 1937.) 7s. 6d. net.

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