THESE two volumes give a detailed and comprehensive account of the social and religious life of the natives of the Quiche tribe of Guatemala and the Pipil of Salvador. Though collected in modern times, the legends and observances are obviously survivals from the early days when the great cultural development of the Maya peoples gave rise to the most spectacular architectural achievements of the aboriginal American.


By Prof. Dr. Leonhard Schultze Jena. 1: Leben, Glaube und Sprache der Quiché von Guatemala. Pp. xii + 394 + 24 plates. 34 gold marks. 2: Mythen in der Muttersprache der Pipil von Izalco in El Salvador. Pp. xii + 364 + 12 plates. 32 gold marks. (Jena: Gustav Fischer, 1933 and 1935.)

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