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Co-ordination of Fuel Interests

Nature volume 140, page 763 (30 October 1937) | Download Citation



IN his presidential address to the Institute of Fue on October 14, Sir Philip Dawson traversed the whole range of fuel-producing and fuel-using industries, pointing especially to the leakages and inefficiency resulting from the absence of co-ordination between the different interests. Although the different fuels are to a considerable extent complementary, the system of free competition leads to internecine conflict, while desirable goals such as the elimination of smoke and the greater production of liquid fuels receive inadequate attention. Such surveys have often been made in the last fifteen years, and Sir Philip comes, like others before him, to the conclusion that the Government should set up a strong central advisory body to co-ordinate the fuel activities of Great Britain. Hitherto, such proposals have passed unheeded, but now he holds that the national interest demands action. Coal should become the raw material for satisfying modern demands in new form. The future requires a smokeless, pure atmosphere in which to live, and suitable solid, liquid and gaseous fuels for every side of national activities.

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