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The Right Hon. Lord Rutherford of Nelson, O.M., F.R.S

Nature volume 140, pages 752753 (30 October 1937) | Download Citation



WITH the passing away of Lord Rutherford*, the life of one of the greatest men who ever worked in science has come to an end. For us to make comparisons would be far from Rutherford's spirit, but we may say of him, as has been said of Galileo, that he left science in quite a different state from that in which he found it. His achievements are indeed so great that, at a gathering of physicists like the one here assembled in honour of Galvani, where recent progress in our science is discussed, they provide the background of almost every word that is spoken. His untiring enthusiasm and unerring zeal led him on from discovery to discovery, and among these the great landmarks of his work, which will for ever bear his name, appear as naturally connected as the links in a chain.

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