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Plant Hormone Investigations

Nature volume 140, page 720 (23 October 1937) | Download Citation



A STUDY meeting on the subject of "Phytohormones“ as held at the International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation on October 1 and 2. This meeting, which was organized by the International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation and the International Union of Biological Sciences, was the first of a series that will be held in the course of the coming months and which will discuss a variety of questions such as "The New Vitamins", "Nomenclature of Genetics", "The Double Electric Layer", etc., included in the plan of work of the International Council of Scientific Unions, which acts as a committee of scientific advisers to the Intellectual Co-operation Organization. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Prof. P. Boysen Jensen and reports were discussed on various aspects of the study of phytohormones, prepared by the following: Prof. F. Kögl, Utrecht ; Prof. Niels Nielsen ; Prof. N. J. Koningsberger, Utrecht ; Prof. G. S. Avery, Connecticut ; Prof. R. Bouillenne, Lié ge; Prof. C. Zollikofer, Zurich; Prof. K. Dostal, Brno; and nomenclature of phytohormones, by Dr. Janot, Paris. The question of the nomenclature of phytohormones gave rise to an exhaustive discussion and positive results have been reached. The reports and the discussions to which they gave rise will be published under the auspices of the International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation and the International Union of Biological Sciences. This publication will be revised by Prof. Boysen Jensen before being issued. The second meeting of this character will be held at Copenhagen at the end of September 1939. Profs. Boysen Jensen, Laibach and Koningsberger have been invited to organize this meeting from the technical point of view, in collaboration with the International Union of Biological Sciences.

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