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German and British Lantern Slides

Nature volume 140, page 718 (23 October 1937) | Download Citation



A CORRESPONDENT writes: "Those who, during recent years, have attended lectures on scientific subjects in Germany will have been favourably impressed by the well-made, dignified lantern slides which are used there. In many cases, the slides are made with different colours to indicate the various curves or other significant portions of diagrams. Sometimes they have coloured arrows pointing to special details. The lantern slides are generally produced to a standardized system, so that time and mental energy are saved in knowing where to look for the title, date of preparation and other significant features. This year it was noticed that some of these lantern slides were made by the Technisch-Wissen-schaftliches Lehrmittelzentrale, Berlin N.W.7, Doro-theenstr.32. There would appear to be no organization in England corresponding to this technical science teaching equipment centre and it is probably true to say that lecturers in this country generally use lantern slides less satisfactory than those seen in Germany. It is suggested, therefore, that it would be to the benefit of technical education in England if encouragement could be given to the production of high-class lantern slides in this country, through the Board of Education, organizations of technical teachers and similar bodies. In this manner they would assist technical education both from the point of view of the lecturer and of the student."

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