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A Philosophical Overhaul

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    WE have received the first chapter of a book entitled A "Philosophical Overhaul" by Oscar Ljungström, printed in English by H. Ohlsson of Lund. It is a well-written philosophical disquisition on such subjects as force, gravitation, chance, free will, causation, time, etc. It is most readable and forces one to think. The author begins "A philosopher is a doubtful man, and he puts all kinds of unnecessary questions. Not like Socrates in the forenoon, to the citizens of his own town. For if he did that nowadays they would probably turn him out with the American injunction: 'If you have nothing to do, don't do it here'. So it is safest for him to keep his doubts within his own soul, murmuring some answers to himself." The questioner has contracted the habit of writing books and so he gives the first chapter of a proposed book. He suggests that gravitation may be explained by cosmic radiation and that time cannot be measured at all. He has the merit of not being dogmatic and his suggestions are interesting and put forward modestly.

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