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    THE eighteenth annual report of the Council of the Institution of Professional Civil Servants covers the year 1936 and refers to a large increase in membership, which was 50 per cent greater than hi 1935, when the figure of 10,000 was reached for the first time. One of the outstanding achievements of the year was the successful prosecution of salary claims on behalf of architectural and civil engineering and mechanical and electrical drawing office staffs. The satisfactory settlements which were reached are attributed largely to the extensive research of the Committee, which proved that such staffs were underpaid in comparison with similar employees outside. The report again emphasizes the importance of the National Whitley Council to members of the Institution. The Council has also been concerned with the completion of the application of the recommendations of the Carpenter report to scientific establishments, and in his presidential address at the annual meeting on April 29, Sir Richard Redmayne emphasized the necessity for the upgrading of the highest professional and scientific posts in the Civil Service, which, so far as remuneration is concerned, compare most unfavourably with posts carrying a similar responsibility outside the Service. A sub-committee is considering appropriate salaries for those professional posts outside the scope of arbitration with the view of making representations to the authorities. The Association is also dealing with the salaries of architects, engineers and surveyors in the Civil Service. Sir Richard criticized the Treasury for refusing to allow the reference to arbitration of the Institution's claim that women scientific officers should receive the same scales of pay as their male colleagues in the same grade, and stated that the Chancellor of the Exchequer had been asked to receive a deputation on this question.

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