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    IN view of the frequency with which, it is now generally recognized, problems of administration among backward o peoples are intimately bound up with matters of belief and custom, and give rise to problems of which the many ramifications cannot be understood, or perhaps even perceived, without anthropological study, or upon which it may be necessary to seek the advice of the expert anthropologist, an announcement made by the Royal Anthropological Institute is both welcome and opportune. The Council of the Institute, it is stated, has appointed a Standing Committee on Applied Anthropology, which will meet at regular intervals for the discussion of problems of culture contact and the application of anthropological knowledge to the government of subject races. The Committee will seek to stimulate popular and official interest through the publications of the Institute, representations to Colonial Governments through the Colonial Office, and personal contacts with officials. It will also endeavour to further the organization and systematization of research in this field by means of discussion within the Committee and with experts engaged in research, and by promoting field-work according to a considered plan. A programme of typical questions affecting administration and upon which further research is desirable, has already been drawn up. In view of the wide connexions of the Institute and its close relations with those having expert knowledge in every part of the Empire, the work of the Committee cannot fail to be of the greatest utility in promoting a wise and enlightened policy in the administration of the affairs of the less-advanced races for whom the Imperial Government is responsible.

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