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A New Comet (1937 f)



    A NEW comet was discovered on July 4 not far from the star, β Persei (Algol), by Mr. Finsler at Zurich. At discovery, the comet was diffuse without a central condensation of nucleus, but two days later, according to an observation made at Barcelona, a nucleus was observed as well as a short tail somewhat more than 1 ° in length. The International Astronomical Union Circular No. 664 from Copenhagen gives elements of the comet derived from observations made at several observatories from July 4 to July 7. Independent elements of the comet's orbit are derived by Möller (Copenhagen), Kwiek (Poznan) and Cunningham (Harvard). These elements give the time of perihelion passage, respectively, as August 12·435, 11·139 and 14·52 U.T. The ephemeris derived from Möller's elements gives the position of the comet at Oh U.T. on July 14, 18 and 22 as follows:

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