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Nottingham Meeting of the British Association

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    AS has already been announced, the annual meeting of the British Association will this year be held in Nottingham on September 1–8, under the presidency of Sir Edward Poulton. Twice previously the Association has held its annual meeting in Nottingham. In 1866, before the foundation of University College, Nottingham, Mr. Justice Grove, Q.C., the inventor of the Grove cell, was president. It was at this meeting that Wheatstone was president of Section A (Mathematics and Physics), before which Joule read a short paper on the heating effect of an electric current in a wire, and one wonders if this paper was an abridged version of that which Wheatstone is reputed to have rejected in his capacity as a referee for Royal Society publications. At the same meeting, Sir William Huggins gave an evening discourse on the applications of spectroscopy to the problems of stellar constitution. Among the more distinguished members present in 1866 were Frank Buckland, T. H. Huxley, A. R. Wallace, W. Crookes and H. E. Roscoe, while Dean Farrar contributed to discussions on the teaching of science in public schools, and C. F. Varley reported on the Atlantic cable successfully completed a month before the meeting. Among the visits paid to local industrial undertakings was one to Messrs. Taylor's bell foundry in Loughborough, and it is pleasant to think that members will again have an opportunity of visiting the works this September.

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