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Prof. F. W. Thomas, C.I.E


    PROF. F. W. THOMAS of Oxford has been elected president of the ninth All-India Oriental Conference, which will be held at Trivandrum in December next. He has also been elected a corresponding fellow of the Philosophical and Historical Section of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. Prof. Thomas, who has been Boden professor of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford since 1927, and is a fellow of Balliol College, was librarian of the India Office from 1903 until 1927, and was awarded the C.I.E. in the honours list of 1928 on His retirement from that office. He is chairman of the Section of Oriental Studies of the British Academy, and represents that body as a governor of the School of Oriental Studies of the University of London. He is also reader in Tibetan and lecturer in comparative philology in the University of London. Prof. Thomas has long been known as one of the foremost scholars in the classical languages of the East, in which he has acted as examiner not only in all the universities in Great Britain which offer a course in those languages, but also in the principal universities of India. His outstanding knowledge of Buddhist art and literature received the signal recognition of the award of a medal in 1934 at the Tokyo celebration of the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of Buddha. He is the author of a large number of publications on the philology and literature of Sanskrit, Pali and other oriental languages, as well as on the art and literature of Buddhism.

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