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National and International Standardization


    REALIZATION of the advantages of standardization of industrial materials and requirements has led in most of the industrially developed countries to the establishment of organizations to promote such standardization, and already a high degree of standardization has been reached in many countries. A most informative account of the work of the various national authoritative bodies engaged in this work is given in "A Survey of the Present Organization of Standardization—National and International", published by the World Power Conference. In Great Britain, the British Standards Institution is the national standardizing organization and is responsible for the determination of British standard specifications. Though the Institution has a strict rule that it does not initiate standardization but waits to be approached by a recognized outside authority such as a trade association, technical institution, or Government department, it has already issued more than 560 British Standard Specifications, exclusive of some 160 specifications for aircraft materials and components issued in co-operation with the Air Ministry.

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