The Percy Sladen Expedition to Lake Titicaca, South America


AT the International Geographical Congress held at Cambridge in 1928, Mr. Hope-Jones expedition is also receiving a generous welcome and Major Vallenas, representing the Sociedad Geografica de Lima, suggested that a British expedition be arranged for the investigation of Lake Titicaca in all its aspects, and proffered the support of their Society. Owing to financial conditions in Great Britain, the contemplation of such an expedition was, not possible then or for some years. Finally, in January 1936, the matter was referred to the Percy Sladen Trustees, who decided to send an expedition to work on the lake during \ the winter or dry season (April-October) of the present year, the proposed researches meeting with the complete approval of the Royal Society and the Trustees of the British Museum. The from the Peruvian and Bolivian Governments.


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Gardiner, J. The Percy Sladen Expedition to Lake Titicaca, South America. Nature 139, 353–354 (1937).

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