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Fossil Algæ in Boghead Deposits

Nature volume 139, page 340 (20 February 1937) | Download Citation



BOGHEAD coal is a comparatively rare and valuable material yielding gas and paraffin on distillation. It is characterized structurally by the presence of minute ‘yellow bodies', the nature of which has been a subject of discussion. An algal nature was suggested for these in 1889 by Edgeworth David, but their peculiar properties in resisting decay and compression prevented any general acceptance of this view. Since that time, reports of C. E. Bertrand and Renault, Zalessky, and Thiessen have supported the algal view, and finally P. Bertrand in 1930 came to the conclusion that the Pila of C. E. Bertrand and Renault was Botryococcus and their Reinschia a member of the Volvocales.

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