Curve Fitting


IN Biometrika, 28, 34–59, the late Prof. Karl Pearson published a severe criticism of some work on curve fitting by the Indian statistician, R. S. Koshal. Since the criticism, if taken at its face value, is likely to injure the reputation and prospects of Mr. Koshal, I take this opportunity to point out that in the table (p. 44) in which Pearson contrasts his results with those of Koshal, much to the latter's disadvantage, Pearson's theoretical frequencies, said to be derived from his equation (v), are seriously in error. In consequence, his equation is made to appear to be a closer fit than that obtained by Koshal, although in reality it does not fit the data so well.

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FISHER, R. Curve Fitting. Nature 138, 934 (1936).

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