Professional Workers in the Ukraine


    FIGURES have recently been issued by the Soviet Union Year Book Press Service relating to the increase in the number of Soviet professional workers in the Ukraine. In 1914, the territory now constituting Soviet Ukraine had 44,083 teachers; at the beginning of the school year 1936-37 the number had risen to 150,000. The number of medical men in 1913 was 5,192, in 1936 it was 19,266. The number of secondary medical staff in 1913 was 8,357 and in 1936 40,243. In 1934 there were 83,390 engineers and technical experts employed in the Ukraine; in 1936 the number had increased to 116,600. The number of agronomists employed by the Commissariat of Agriculture in the Ukraine three years ago was 8,200; in January 1936 it was 12,346.

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