Rev. Wm. Tuckwell: a Pioneer of School Science

    • An Erratum to this article was published on 12 December 1936


    IN the first number of NATURE appeared an article by one of Huxley's friends, the Rev. Wm. Tuckwell, on “Science Teaching in Schools”. Tuckwell was a pioneer in this work, and it was he who really first introduced a regular course of instruction amounting to no less than three hours per week per boy. The story of his career as headmaster of Taunton College School, now King's College, Taunton, is a long and interesting one. At first he met with extraordinary success, numbers of scholarships were won, and with the help of Henry Labouchere, Lord Taunton, and other influential friends the ancient school was moved to new quarters outside the town at a cost of £25,000. Then trouble arose owing to local clerical and conservative suspicion as to TuckwelPs orthodoxy; and after a furious controversy resignation was forced on him in 1877.

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