Genetics of the Pig


    A MONOGRAPH by A. D. Buchanan Smith, O. J. Robison and D. M. Bryant dealing with this subject (Reprint from Bibliogr. Genetica, 12. The Hague: M. Nijhoff) is a summary of all that is known of the genetics of pigs and will be very serviceable to the geneticist as well as the practical breeder. Beginning with the chromosome number and the inheritance of colour in wild and domestic breeds, it goes on to hair and skin characters, blood groups, disease resistance, mental traits, sterility, inter-sexuality, numerous abnormalities and defects, conformation, productive qualities and methods of improvement in different countries. Twenty-one photographs of different breeds of pig are followed by a bibliography of 28 pages and an index which makes the information readily available.

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    Genetics of the Pig. Nature 138, 878 (1936).

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