Air-Conditioned Flats


    EATON HOUSE, Upper Grosvenor Street, London, W.I, has been converted into a building containing thirty luxury flats. They are equipped for electric cooking and refrigeration, and hot water is supplied from a central hot water plant in the basement. We learn from the Electrician of November 6 that each tenant has an air-conditioning plant completely under his own control. Both the temperature and humidity of the air can be adjusted by the tenant to any value he pleases. In each flat there is a condensing unit working in conjunction with an air-conditioner, consisting of a slow-speed fan and motor, heating coils, cooling and dehumidifying coils, air filter and humidifying spray for winter use. The air-conditioners are housed in cupboards in the kitchens of each flat and cleverly concealed. Each conditioner passes approximately 1,300 cub. ft. of air per minute. About twelve complete changes of air per hour are provided in the rooms. It is essential that the plants be practically inaudible as they are in operation twenty-four hours a day. This has been effected by mounting the units in pedestal anti-vibrators. The filtered fresh air enters through grilles in the walls, and as there is no need to open windows street noises, grime and dust can be kept out. A small wall panel in the hall of each flat carries the temperature and humidity control apparatus. It consists of a thermostat, humidistat and change-over rotary switch. An advantage of individual control is that if a flat be left empty, the entire plant can be switched off and thus save running costs. The equipment was designed and installed by York, Shipley, Ltd. of North Circular Road, London, N.W.2. For the electricity the tenants pay a small quarterly fixed charge and Jd. per unit.

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