Medal Awards of the Royal Society


    His MAJESTY THE KING has approved of the following awards this year by the president and council of the Royal Society in respect of the two Royal Medals: to Prof. R. H. Fowler, for his work on statistical mechanics and allied departments of modern mathematical physics; and to Prof. E. S. Goodrich, for his work on the morphology of the excretory organs of the invertebrata and for his work on the comparative anatomy and embryology of the verte-brata. The following awards of medals have also been made by the president and council: Copley Medal to Sir Arthur Evans, in recognition of his pioneer work in Crete, particularly his contributions to the history and civilization of its Minoan Age; Rumford Medal to Prof. E.G. Coker, for his researches on the use of polarized light for investigating directly the stresses in transparent models of engineering structures; Davy Medal to Prof. W. A. Bone, for his pioneer work on contact catalysis and his researches on the mechanism of combustion of hydrocarbons and on the nature of flames and on gaseous explosions; Darwin Medal to Dr. E. J. Alien, in recognition of his long-continued work for the advancement of marine biology, not only by his own researches but also by the great influence he has exerted on very numerous investigations at Plymouth; Hughes Medal to Dr. W. Schottky, for his discovery of the Schrot effect in thermionic emission and his invention of the screen-grid tetrode and a superheterodyne method of receiving wireless signals.

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