Increase of Diamagnetic Susceptibility on the Death of Living Cells


ACCORDING to E. Bauer's theory, the lack of equilibrium in living systems is due to an excited state of the protein molecules of the protoplasm. The maintenance of this state is operated through the process of metabolism, collisions of the second kind between the molecules of the protoplasm and those of the food substance leading to an activation of the latter, and their chemical energy, set free in the reaction, being used to maintain the active, excited state of the molecules of the living substance1.


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    A detailed presentation of the theory has been given in E. Bauer's ” Theoretical Biology” (Russian), 1935. A brief sketch and a few applications in Biodynamica, No. 14, 15 (1936).

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BAUER, E., RASKIN, A. Increase of Diamagnetic Susceptibility on the Death of Living Cells. Nature 138, 801 (1936).

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