Dr. W. T. Calman, C.B., F.R.S.


    THE retirement, at the end of this year, of Dr. W. T. Calman from the keepership of zoology in the British Museum (Natural History) will deprive the Museum and its visitors of the official services of a distinguished carcinologist. Dr. Calman went to the Museum in 1904 from Dundee, where he had graduated and had been assistant lecturer and demonstrator in zoology in the University College. In 1921, he was appointed assistant keeper of zoology at the Museum, and it was in that year that he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society. In 1927, he succeeded Dr. Tate Regan in the keepership. In 1930, he was president of Section D (Zoology) of the British Association, and he is now president of the Linnean Society of London. Dr. Calman's services to carcino-logy are well known to all zoologists. His morphological studies are at once shrewd and sound, and the same qualities of insight and judgment are combined with accuracy in his extensive contributions to the systematic of the Crustacea. His volume on this class m Lankester's “Treatise on Zoology” reveals the width of his erudition and is still indispensable to all students of the Crustacea. Dr. Calman's services to zoology have, of course, not been limited to the group in which he has specialized. His address to Section D revealed his interest in the contribution of taxonomy to the greatest zoological problems, and his work at the Museum has shown grasp of and sympathy with the study of all parts of the animal kingdom. In retiring, Dr. Calman takes with him the best wishes of all those to whom his friendly help has been extended, and their hope for much further contribution from him to his science. Mr. M. A. C. Hinton, assistant keeper of zoology in the Museum, will succeed Dr. Calman.

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