Praktische Übungen zur Vererbungslehre


    ALTHOUGH small, this compactly proJduced book contains a well-arranged exposition of methods in genetics. While mainly devoted to statistical methods, it includes measuring instruments, the technique of breeding Drosophila, and different types of mouse cages. The statistics deal with continuous and discontinuous variation, the binomial curve, correlation tables, back-crossing, sex-linked characters, the testing of Mendelian ratios, the X test and other methods commonly used by geneticists.

    Praktische Übungen zur Vererbungslehre:

    für Studierende, Ärzte und Lehrer. Von Prof. Dr. Günther Just. Zweite vermehrte und verbesserte Auflage. Teil 1: Allgemeine Vererbungslehre. Pp. vi + 137. (Berlin: Julius Springer, 1935.) 6.90 gold marks.

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