Lessons in Elementary Analysis


    THIS book, first published in 1929, is designed to cover the analysis required for the bachelor's degree in most of the Indian universities. It deals mainly with the theory of number, in which there is an interesting examination of Dedekind's method; the theory of limits; infinitesimals and continuity; the mean value, Maclaurin's and Taylor's theorems; Riemann integration; infinite integrals, uniform convergence and Fourier series. There is also a useful addendum on beta and gamma functions, power series, the application of Taylor's theorem to functions of several variables, Euler's theorems on homogeneous functions and Young's theorem on implicit functions.

    Lessons in Elementary Analysis

    By Dr. G. S. Mahajani. Second edition. Pp. xii + 264. (Poona: Aryabhushan Press, 1934.) n.p.

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