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    PROF. J. C. PHILIP'S presidential address to Section B (Chemistry) of the British Association delivered on September 10, on the function and training of the chemist in the service of the community, was of much more general interest than many recent addresses or discussions in this Section but was ill-rewarded by a rather smaller attendance than is usual at the presidential address to the Section. While this may be due in part to the counter-attraction of several other discussions of wide appeal taking place at the same time, the attendance at least suggests that chemists are a long way from being alive to the social implications of their work. Prof. Philip's address, however, received the strong support of the Section, and apart from its endorsement by subsequent speeches, the approval which met many of his pertinent remarks, such as those concerning the abuse of chemistry for destructive purposes and his criticism of premature specialization and the absurdity of a university department of chemistry finding it necessary to teach its students German, was plainly manifest. Sir Josiah Stamp, who was present, spoke briefly but emphatically in agreement with Prof. Philip's views.

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