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    THE report of the president of the Carnegie Institution of Washington for the year ending October 31, 1935, refers to developments in methods and organization of research in the Institution, particularly in the support of larger projects and the co-operation of fair-sized groups of individuals, as in the Geophysical Laboratory, Mount Wilson Observatory and the Department of Genetics. Its present organization is adapted not only to the advance of knowledge in new interlocking or overlapping areas of research, but also to bring back to each of the groups engaged upon special problems a wide range of materials otherwise not readily secured. Reference is made in the report to the progress of seismological research and of the investigations on terrestrial magnetism. Astronomical work has included study of the nova in Hercules, of stellar atmospheres, extra-galactic nebulas, measurement of the velocity of light and observations of sun-spot activity. Assistance has been given to research on cosmic rays and on the hydrodynamics of the atmosphere and major climatic variations. Numerous investigations have been carried out by the Department of Plant Biology, including the study of the influence of climatic environment on the life and development of living organisms, and by the Division of Animal Biology which includes the Department of Embryology, the Nutrition Laboratory and the Department of Genetics. Of outstanding interest are the activities of the Division of Historical Research, established in 1929, which has provided the opportunity to study history as science, art, culture, sociology and government in all phases with the application of scientific principles to the collection of materials and to the interpretation of the data acquired. The rapprochement of scientific and cultural or human interests in this way is an outstanding achievement of the Institution.

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