Canadian Reindeer Herd

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    THE introduction of a herd of reindeer to Canada as an addition to the food resources of the far north has met with success. Notwithstanding the severity of the winter, the herd on its winter range east of the delta of Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories is reported by the Office of the High Commissioner to be in good condition, and to number about 3,000. Surplus males to the number of 200 were slaughtered during the autumn and the carcasses used for food, while the hides were used for moccasins, mittens and other items of wearing apparel. The herd, accompanied by its herders, undertakes a regular north and south migration, moving northward along the arctic coast early in April and southward again in late autumn, grazing by the way over the hills and valleys of its reserve of 6,600 square miles.

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