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    As in past years, the Fourteenth Annual Report of the Safety in Mines Research Board includes a report of the Health Advisory Committee, which forms in fact Part 4 of the Report, the previous parts being Part 1, General; Part 2, Instruction; and Part 3, Progress of Safety Researches. The Report, of course, begins with an expression of regret on the death of Dr. J. S. Haldane, who “had been a member of the Board since 1923”; there is not a miner who will not re-echo the last sentence of the first paragraph in reference to Dr. Haldane “His death is a severe loss to the whole mining community”; whilst it also refers to the retirement of Prof. S. M. Dixon, who, as is well known, has rendered much valuable service in connexion with wire ropes used in mining. There is further a number of appendixes to the Report, one of which deals with protective equipment, and it is interesting to note that, generally speaking, protective equipment has been largely adopted by the miners themselves. It is worth knowing that Great Britain is not the only country adopting protective equipment, the article by Leprince-Ringuet on miners' hats appearing in the Annales des Mines of Paris proving this point. The various representatives of the local committees are doing good work in popularizing the use of protective equipment, and the subject of falls of ground is making fair progress, considering the inherent difficulties of the subject.

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