British Commonwealth Scientific Conference

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    A CONFERENCE was opened by the Right Hon. Walter Elliot, M.P., Minister for Agriculture, and attended by representatives of the Governments of all portions of the British Commonwealth, on the morning of Monday, September 21, in London. Its chief function is to examine the work and future of a number of scientific organizations established on a co-operative basis to perform a common service in various branches of agricultural scientific research. As a result of the Imperial Agricultural Research Conference of 1927, the several Governments of the Empire agreed to establish bureaux or centres of information in eight branches of agricultural science, financed by contributions from all parts and controlled by a council representative of all parts of the Empire. To these, the supervision of two older institutes was added in 1933 on the recommendation of the Imperial Committee on Imperial Economic Consultation and Co-operation. In addition, the Conference is considering the future of certain research schemes to which several parts of the Empire now contribute, and also further methods of the interchange of information and closer collaboration in scientific work.

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