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    SUPPLEMENT 2 of Plant Breeding Abstracts, which has been issued by the Imperial Bureau of Plant Genetics, Cambridge (price 5s.), gives a concise account of work carried on during 1932-35 on crop plants in the British Empire. It shows the great variety of plants grown and the large amount of work in progress on such crops as wheat, cotton, rice, sorghum, coco-nut, apples, etc., gleaned from more than four hundred reports in various parts of the Empire. It is so arranged that one can see at a glance, for example, the investigations of coffee that are being made in Mysore, Ceylon, Uganda, Kenya and Tanganyika, or of strawberries in England, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand and New South Wales. Work on cytology and on the genetics of plant parasites is included, and the whole serves as a very useful summary for plant breeders and geneticists. This outline picture also shows that a surprising variety of economic plants is undergoing genetic improvement.

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