Magnetic Observations in New Zealand and elsewhere

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    OWING to the world economic crisis and qther causes, many magnetic and meteorological observatories, including those of some great nations, have fallen seriously into arrears with their publications. The ideal, approached, if not always attained, by the chief British observatories, is to publish the observations of one calendar year before the end of the next. Now that the great and successful co-operative effort of the Second International Polar Year has been accomplishedso far as the observations go, though the publication and, still more, the discussion of the results is still very incompletea desirable goal for new effort on the part of geophysical observatories would be to overtake their arrears of publication within an assigned time, say by the end of 1940. A step in this direction has been taken by New Zealand in publishing three years records of the Christchurch Magnetic Observatory in one volume (Annual Reports for 1931, 1932, 1933. Wellington: Government Printing Office, 1936. Pp. 132. 10s. 6d.). The volume naturally consists almost entirely of tabular matter, and for economy is reproduced directly from typescript, in a reasonably satisfactory manner. The magnetic data refer (as for 1930) to the Amberley sub-station, about twenty-five miles from Christ-church. Monthly mean daily variations are given for all days (with Fourier analysis) and international quiet days, but (regrettably) not for international disturbed days. The volume includes a brief seismo-logioal report for 1931. An account of the instrumental equipment of the Observatory in the introduction would have added to the convenience of users. Though the director's introduction is written in the first person, his name (Mr. H. F. Skey), by a curious oversight, seems to occur nowhere in the volume.

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