The World Power Conference

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    THE third World Power Conference, which was opened at Washington on September 7, was one of the largest technical conferences ever held. The British party, which travelled by the Queen Mary, numbered about a hundred. According to the Electrical Times of September 10, the records of the papers and discussions will run to more than three million words. As there was no hall in Washington large enough for a banquet of 3,000 delegates, the official banquets were held in the waiting hall of the railway station, suitably transformed for the purpose. Each country submitted papers to the Conference setting forth its own particular power problems and questions connected with them. Economic, technical and allied subjects were all discussed. The papers from each country having to be read before a mixed international audience, largely American, were naturally mainly reports of the country from which they originated. The British papers therefore were mainly of interest to all dwelling outside Britain. An exception may perhaps be made for the paper read by S. E. Britton, the city electrical engineer of Chester. His paper was entitled “Rural Electrification in Great Britain”. When the use of electricity produces a revenue equal to twenty per cent of the outlay on the electrical distribution system, the inhabitants in rural areas can get a supply of electricity for all purposes at economic rates and use it for the same purposes as those residing in urban areas. Information is given of the annual expenditure on heat, light and power by those living in rural areas who use electricity and those who do not. The paper is clearly written and is very complete. It is particularly applicable to the conditions prevailing in the neighbourhood of Chester.

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